Common Law of Society

The Unspoken Law of Responsibility

Every day we ought to do well in society. This is the unspoken law, which everybody automatically abides to. Regardless that you’re from the slums of society, or the high cliff dwellings, there is that common law which we all fall into. “Treat the next person the way you would like to be treated.” Such laws are at times are constituted by our religious, cultural beliefs which we strongly apprehend by them. The way we live our lives is the reflection of how our parents have instilled in us, whether directly or indirectly. It is commonly said that the decisions you make today will affect your tomorrow. Do we ever take a moment to think what the real meaning of this, or do we automatically assume that it is one of society’s ‘uncool’ norms. These verbally spoken words, which our older generation preaches at all times to this young, hip and happening generation, are always interpreted in a manner that you cannot live your life. Which in essence it’s a teaching of responsibility. There is that unspoken law of responsibility which tends to be misinterpreted by the so wildly diverse society.

we are a society of diverse beliefs and the way we do things differ from the next person, but it is known that there are those unspoken laws, ‘similarities’ which we all poses. What brings about those similarities, is the way of life, the intertwine of the different universes in which we all live in. we all practice the law of not harming, or doing anything which will endanger our neighbours. We practice the ancient law of UBUNTU which seems to be uttered by everybody in every walk of life. Such beliefs are guidance to life and the shaping up of your tomorrow. In reality these unspoken laws are not meant to be threats, but they are that unconscious voice in you which tends to pop up at the least expected manner.

It’s true our parents teach us a way to fend for ourselves, so that tomorrow we will not cry when life takes toll, and hardships seem to be your daily bread. As mentioned before that we all from the different parts of society, the slums, the high presidential life, and average. These different societies experience different hardships during their lifetime, but it is the common unspoken law from our parents which keeps us going and always preaching the same message.

“Live today like there’s no tomorrow”, but don’t forget; “what you do today shapes your tomorrow.”
T-Angelz Creations
By: T.Sibiya

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