Freedom Inkululeko

A Reflection of Society

We’re living in a society of integrated cultures and customs, where everyone seems to be a hybrid of each other. Where race is no longer the peak of segregation yet social class has become the bearer of us all. We preach the word of equality, yet leaving in the realities of inequalities of differences. We are one, united, questions arises by such statements where one has to take into consideration that even though it’s said that we are equal, we can never be.
Racially we are considered one due to our political background of segregation, discrimination. But when reality strikes, we have to consider the social class bearer, which indirectly segregates us from humanity. Where those of the lower class are looked down upon, frowned on as they try to make a difference in society. Given names which classify their social status, forgetting UBUNTU, where society raises one another. “A man is no island”, as the famous saying goes, yet with this new bearer which society possesses we tend to forget our neighbor. The one who was a stepping stone to this high class we have defined ourselves within. Yes we’re living in a liberated society, where equality seems to be uttered in every political figures lip.

It’s easier to attract bees with honey than with vinegar”, those in high class have seem to have taken the toll, where they tell you of the land of milk and honey, yet you’re stuck in Egypt. Political figures filling you with hope and dreams, yet in reality they despise your environment, which is the true reflection of where they come from. Social class segregation has resulted to a despicable manner of brothers and sisters turning into literal strangers, mother and child no longer having a bond due to this social class segregation. Where the mother has to beg their children for survival, where the children becomes the leader, a headless leader for that matter. “He who holds the pipe plays the tune, and rest shall dance”. What a sad reality that we’re living in. Freedom, yet we’re oppressing ourselves.
The human mind is the most powerful weapon, where ones horizons have to be tempered with in order to grow from the point in which we’re in. where exploration is puzzle of the freedom, the liberation in which our human set boundaries are at. Where many will stone you for the decision you make, yet we try to expand from the limited knowledge of freedom. Where freedom arises the questions of stupidity, where freedom questions freedom, expression, growth. The spirit of UBUNTU which shall keep on burning in individual’s hearts, itching at the finger tips as our own mind sets and stigmas segregates us. Freedom, Inkululeko.
T-Angelz Creations
By: T. Sibiya

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