The rollercoaster

This year has taken me through a whirlpool of emotions but at the end of the day I realised I choose me. I choose to live rather than dying in someone else’s shadow. I choose to shine above all because at the end of the day I’m the most important person in my life for myself. This year I’ve confronted feelings of betrayal, love, stagnant and I have to say it isn’t an easy journey. Please erase, share and comment on your own 2020 journey because this year has been quite WEIRD.

To the Natural Loners and Wonderers

“Not everywhere you fit is where you belong.” A profound statement that most individuals are faced with during their journey of self-discovery. This journey never seems to end, every now and again one has to sit down and evaluate the environment they're in and the person they have become. Each person gets a chance to... Continue Reading →

Passion has become a curse

Thrown into the debt society   As a kid, I always admired the women who stood in front of the class talking to the young minds. The women who instilled knowledge to the young minds, who became their 8 hours 5 days a week mother. The women who were passionate, whose presence oozed of love,... Continue Reading →

Saved by HIS Grace

Written by: Puleng MokgosiPurity In ChristI once was lost in the wisdom of the worldWhich is a world on its own  filled with thorny chainsThough you fall and they drag you up,they will drag you down again in no timeKept on fastening its purity garment which only covers the body but does not renew the... Continue Reading →

The joy to serve Him

Written by: Puleng MokgosiALL IN ONEThere's just so much power vested in one person, in one Man, in one life,one heart, one Spirit and one's Blood which speaks better things than that of any other.With such a great hope found in Him, an anchor for our souls that can never be shaken,one that will never... Continue Reading →

A Shared Story

My heart bleeds A year ago I saw my world coming to an end, the discovery of a life changing event. A year ago my world was shattered as reality seemed to be unreal. I wanted to be woken up from the long slumber I’ve been through. I wanted somebody to come up to me... Continue Reading →

It’s time to let go

So I was aloneThe mind knows what the heart refuses to believe. It has been there and has already experienced all the disappointments and joys. It has already shared all life experiences. Its been there, done that, and ready to move on.The mind knows what the heart refuses to believe. It knows all the heartaches... Continue Reading →

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