The most difficult question i had to answer was; why do you write. Oh boy had I seen flames trying to find the most intelligent answer to why do I write. Even today I haven’t found the coercive answer to why do I write either than I just love exploring different horizons. And writing has allowed me to go to those untempered place. It has allowed me to dig deep, know myself and those around me. It has allowed me use my skills to talk and understand people. It has opened a new world of storytelling, where I can own a persons story, go through their emotions and retell to the world as though its mine. It has allowed creativity of looking into those untouched territories.

My thoughts, My world is a platform of storytelling, a platform for healing a platform of sharing, a platform for all.

Welcome to My thoughts, My World. If you have a story to share don’t hesitate send me an email

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