2020 Vision

For so many years, we have heard about the 2020 vision. Many thought it’s something you start in 2020, but the wise started ages ago. This year they are putting in the final touches of this vision. If I were to ask you what is your 2020 vision, what would you say?

I know a few people I’ve spoken to shared their ideas of building an empire, accumulating wealth, investing. All these are a great idea but none of them has started, nor do they have a feasible plan. So, is this plan fictional, something for conversation. Something to entice the listener? Trust me, I’m no different from the masses but I can gladly say I’ve taken the first step towards my vision and in a matter of time it will blossom. I might have started late because I had other plans in life but God had a different idea and I had to wake up and smell the coffee. 

Today I’m proud to say I’m walking on the right path. I’m sure about what I want, and that I can acquire; I most definitely go for it. Sadly one of the greatest things I want is affected by outside forces. I’m not alone in that, but I trust in God that all shall come to play. Isn’t it said in the Holy Book that “ seek ye first, and all things shall follow.” I shouldn’t worry about tomorrow. Well, listen, I’m done trying to control this one aspect of my life; it’s exhausting. I tried being meek oh best believe I’m not the submissive type. Flip, my mouth runs like a waterfall but I know my limits and know when I should accept the drought season. 

The past two years, I’ve been on a self-discovery path and I realised that I allowed others to detect my life. I allowed others to project their insecurities in my life. Oh God! I’ve lived with demons that weren’t mine, I’ve invited spirits that weren’t mine. I allowed the oxytocin to take over, and yes, it did. I left me and became what I’m not. The two years have made me realise that there are some things I don’t care much about anymore. My immediate response is always; “whatever, if it makes you happy then great don’t expect me to conform to your messed up ideologies.”

Back to the 2020 vision- A friend asked; “with your vision, what if Mr Z wants to be present in your future? I told him straight out; “gone are the days where women wait to be wooed by men. If Mr Z is serious he knows where to find me, I sure he knows my parents’ address. I cannot put my life on hold because someone’s son is still enjoying life. Please don’t invite me to that party; I can’t.”

Women are often accused of being gold diggers and Bob the Builder because we tend to neglect our dreams and focus on being wooed and nowhere in the ancient text does it say we should always be dames in distress. Imagine me with my big brain waiting for Mr Z. This friend was shocked. Guess what, today he is ready to bother some girls parents. I’m proud of him; he needed to see things from a different perspective. He used to be so angry asking why is she doing this (following her dreams), doesn’t she think she should wait for him. Doesn’t she think they should be doing it together? I’m glad his brain came to the party.

So, my 2020 vision will sound like a cliché. Many of us speak about wealth, investment, travel, retire at 35 and yes be my boss because honestly, I hate waking up in the morning. If it were up to me, I’d be a nightrider, work for 3 hours. In the morning, I’d sleep, and in the afternoon, I’d catch up on some reading. Yes, I still love TV, so, the evening before going to work, I’d spend a few hours binge-watching the nonsensical show because I can. 1 am-4 am work like crazy 5 am-11 am/12 noon, I’d be fast asleep.

I’m scared of going into business due to being an introvert I don’t enjoy talking to people about something they know very well they should either accept it or move on. Imagine me negotiating, no thanks; I can’t. Imagine going to person A and B asking for payment—so much admin. Wait, let’s revaluate this business thing. Now imagine me convincing people why they should buy my product, iyo, that’s too much.

I did mention I don’t enjoy talking but damn I love the sound of my voice. I can speak for days, really guys God gave me the best voice. When he was giving out voices he was on some; “my daughter, you have to be heard”, but ja I still don’t enjoy talking.

I was told to look for opportunities in trading, ja, did I mention how approaching people makes me anxious. I’ve been dealing with this my entire life it doesn’t get comfortable. Wonder why I didn’t do business studies, economics and accounting regardless that my grade 9 EMS teacher told me several times I’d be perfect in that field. I’ve made contacts with several people from around the world who are into all these excellent retirement plan opportunities. However, I still need the courage to take action, iyo! igwababa. The crazy thing is I always meet new people, who are doing wonders and they always share ideas and contacts but yes that’s not me yet. God might have a reason why he keeps exposing me to such people, I have to suck it in one day and for goodness sake, go for it.

My 2020 vision scares me as I’m slowly getting closer to it, and it brings a whole lot of anxieties. Coming from South Africa, you know it’s scary. We survive by the grace of God. I’ve been fortunate to live in a country that has almost 0% crime rate. Where I can walk around at night alone on my phone, while listening to music, not forgetting my handbag exposed, at some point, I owned a transparent backpack. Don’t ask, being a foreigner makes you do weird, strange things, Dankie Nkosi I’ve passed that.

Looking at this baby of mine growing is quite impressive and I can’t believe I only took it serious six months ago. I’ve spoken about it my entire 20s but didn’t have the right platform, nor did I have the right material for it. Six months ago with nothing, I said; “I’m going for, I shall see what will manifest from it.” 

The 2020 vision might have only been a vision to some and others; it’s still a vision. Many are still not taking it seriously, and some are still dreaming and telling people about it.

The 2020 vision, how far are you?

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