Expression Creativity,

Expression Creativity

I sit and stare at the wonders of this universe
I sit and observe its creatures

Its nature never seizes to amaze me.
Yet its ambiguous creatures wonder in all of its focuses
Lost in their own state, trembling upon one’s own feet, stepping on ones floors.
This has become a conundrum, as everything is fused together.
Formation of the new nature and creatures, by what looks to be important,
But if you take a closer look you’ll see a whole lot of misplaced individuals.
Where individuality yearns for expression.
Questioning the nature of the situation.
Situated in an environment of different persona’s, where one’s cry differ from the next
Where they sing the same song in different tunes, creating an African melody
A melody to escape from the lips of the masses
Where the melody will be the sound of liberation.
A sound of agency
A call of expression creativity.
Yearning to burst out of the cave, which their sound is entrapped in.
Not realising their potential of making a louder sound than those entrapping them
Their creativity is suppressed in a box of thought, 
String around like puppets, 
Dancing to senseless tune, for they have not yet burst out of this cave.
Echoing of their cries, the cry of expression
Crying to seen and heard, for expression creativity is what drives them.
The motivator of being unique, the motivator of seeing one.
The fusing of different art to sound the tune of this melody
The melody of Expression Creativity.
T-Angelz Creations
By: T.Sibiya

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