Sense of Agency

 Being an Individual in Society

We normally find ourselves stumbling upon sharp objects, which we tend to ask ourselves why me. Have you ever taken a moment to think of the reason why such has happened to you? Or are we to quick to jump into conclusion and assume the worst case scenario that probably I’m unlucky, oh the African favourite I’m bewitched. We tend to bypass all these ‘minor’ hindrances in our lives, by bypassing I mean we tend to over analyze and come up with the most ridiculous answers, which ourselves find them too bizarre to even imagine them being possible.

What makes you unique, to stand out from the rest. The small ounce of talent you seem to have in you, do you showcase it or shunt yourself in your corner and not allow the world to see it. What makes someone within your age group seem to be more talented or successful than you are. Do you indulge in self-pity the number one mistaken which majority of mankind tends to fall upon, as their moral reasoning. We tend to do what the rest are doing, and hide behind the masses. You know that you are the best mathematician there in in your society, yet because the rest are saying maths is difficult, you fall into the norm of lazy thinking and blending in, uttering the difficulty of maths. Instead of glorifying your unique talent, you hide behind a pillar of guilt, and bring upon yourself the shame of defeat and being as one with the rest.

Mediocrity has seemed to be the number one normality in society where we all want to be alike; we walk the same, talk the same and dress the same, and forget our identity.  Agency has become a foreign thing within society as we all want to be alike. We all fall into the norm of popularising what’s already in the public eye for we are too scared to be labeled weird. We have become lazy innovators as we keep on upgrading what exists.

Stand up and be an individual, be that weird person for the success that God has placed upon your life lies in your hand. No one can make you successful.
T-Angelz Creations
By:T. Sibiya 

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