The Cries and Yearnings

The Burning Desire

The cries and the yearnings of wanting to be your own person.

You’re trapped in your own world, where the door seems to be narrower every time you approach it.
The windows seem to be unreachable when trying to escaping from the room in which you’ve been entrapped in.
The burning desire of wanting to escape the content environment of the next.
The sweet haven, dripping of joyous tears of others.
The blood and sweat of those who come before thee.
The burning desire each day you try to take hold of what’s to come.
 The cries and yearnings of trying to escape.
Escaping what was put before thee, escaping the emancipation of those who seem to dream.
 Dreams of the future.
As one tries to make sense of what is put before thee.
The cries and yearnings, the burning desire to taste the honey at the end of the day,
swimming in the land of milk and honey, walking barefoot at the dunes of one’s desires.
 Feeling the engagement of the sand, softness as this burning desire tries to escape the confound space.
T-Angelz Creations
by: T. Sibiya 

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