The joy to serve Him

Written by: Puleng Mokgosi


There’s just so much power vested in one person, in one Man, in one life,one heart, one Spirit and one’s Blood which speaks better things than that of any other.
With such a great hope found in Him, an anchor for our souls that can never be shaken,one that will never be changed or taken away from us. 
So much authority given to Him that all other authorities have to submit under Him who bears the name that breaks all chains, heals the sick, gives the blind sight, raises the dead and leads many to repentance.
What a wonderful gift of eternal life found in Him, who would have not asked for such? A gift that guarantees us righteousness, purity and a great inheritance.
There is so much power in Him that whoever who believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life, Yes… Jesus Christ the Radiance of God’s glory!


Until we have came to a place of fully understanding what Calvary has done then we will find it hard to give Him the Glory that he truly deserves.

For it is when one fully acknowledges the Grace that one begins to understand it is really unmerited favour, one not gained by works of human hands, one that can never be bought by the riches of this world, one that can never run out or fade, one that is forever sufficient even to those who don’t even recognise it.

It is when one realises such that will in turn aggravate a kind of a nature that says it could have not been done, but He saw it fit to do it, just for me, not because of anything I have done but because He loves me.

A nature that says it is not about me, but about Him and giving Him the Glory.

A nature that lifts Him higher no matter the situation is at all costs. A nature whose eyes will experience the fullness of Him who lives inside of us. A nature that decided to recognise the treasure hosted in these earthen vessels

By P. Mokgosi
T-Angelz Creations

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