Dream Big beyond what you can imagine

Reasons why you should quit

I’ve always said if you’re not happy with what you are doing just quit. You can’t be waking up each morning cursing at what you’re doing, cursing the day you accepted it. You can’t be bound by obligations of; “I need a job”, “I have to do it”, “I can’t be unemployed”. You can’t let the glam life cloud your judgment on what’s right for you.
Looking forward to be at work or looking forward to the day, is the most important thing. When you wake up each morning happy knowing that your day is perfect. That even when its knock off, you’re so caught up in what you’re doing that the thought of going home kills you but the drive that each day is more epic than the previous is the ultimate joy.
Choosing a career is not always about the income but also about your happiness, do you love what you’re doing? Is the company you’re working for worth your time and putting over 100% in it? It’s said that; turn your passion into a career and you’ll never have to work in your life, and that has been proven to be true. Doing what you love is not all about the income and passion but also the working environment. Does the space allow for your creativity? Does it allow you to be yourself without limitations? 

Reality, we’re in this world not only to survive but make a mark, create our personal person’s brand, create a legacy for ourselves. We’re simply not passing time but making time.
I always say that my day is over 24 hours because there’s so little time to fit most things in a day. Most of the time the 24 hours overlaps to the next day, where 3 hours feel like 6 hours for the work you’ve done during that period is more that expected. 
Why would you allow yourself to be trapped in a space where you can’t shine, where your smile is shadowed by the gloomy environment. Where your personal person’s brand is compromised by some rules and policies which do not benefit you. Why would you allow yourself to be stuck in a space which doesn’t fit in your vision board. 
Reality, our priorities are different. I can easily stand up and just quit because I do not see myself sacrificing my happiness. I do not see myself doing what seems forced, where each morning I ask God why. I cannot torture myself with something that I do not see myself in, in 2 years time. Yes i live in a society where long term goals are too far fetched that we’re driven by short term goals. I live in the times where we want quick results, this to us shows our progress.
If you’re not happy why don’t you just quit. Better days are coming. What drives you? What motivates you to wake up each morning?
Patience is key, some things come to you dressed in rags and we’re too quick to react. You condemn it, swear and become miserable. I’m one of the hot headed individuals who cannot tolerate rags. If they do not fit my personal person’s brand, I’m out. 
It is true that wealth comes disguised as hard labour, it comes in overalls, maintenance boots, helmets, and safety gloves. It doesn’t come in, in your Merc dressed in expensive suites telling time from expensive accessories. No, glam is what you create for yourself from what has been presented to you.
As asked before what drives you? What makes you say I’m gonna do it regardless of the obstacles in front of me, the rags it’s dressed in. How will I create me. 
Do not sit in what won’t build you, do not compromise your vision because of an income, do not sacrifice your happiness for material things because you’ll be 64 years ready for retirement and be telling sob stories of how you sacrifices yourself. How you’re far from your dreams yet you’ve got everything you want. 
Know who you are, what you want and where you’re going.
Philippians 3: 14, “I press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”
By; T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations

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