Saved by HIS Grace

Written by: Puleng Mokgosi

Purity In Christ

I once was lost in the wisdom of the world
Which is a world on its own  filled with thorny chains
Though you fall and they drag you up,they will drag you down again in no time
Kept on fastening its purity garment which only covers the body but does not renew the soul.

As I kept on tightening the belt,it begin to tear apart and the garment grew so loose that it no longer fit

Just like the curtain of the temple that got torn apart so that all may enter without fear or doubt
By a saviour who offered Himself as an atonement for our sins,
A High priest who who bears with all our weaknesses.
Then the garment fell off and I got washed by the Blood that speaks better things
Which cleans us from the inside out
Leaves us blameless, changes and renews us
He has granted us a place in the Heavenlies and it settles it.
I am now confident to stand with boldness and a sound mind
Having purity that is found not in the blood of calves and bulls, nor in the deeds of self righteousness
But purity found in Christ and in Him alone.

And the two shall become ONE

Present to the nations a  fragile but yet a strong clay piece that the Potter has moulded and placed into your hands
For you to display and make sure that it is seen by many who have been thirsty, who have been blind, who have been broken and cursed.
That clay piece possesses the light that will free them all, but that light won’t shine unless you speak the words,unless your faith causes it to.
Unless you cause it to come out,By being so close to the Source that his power rubs off on you so that you may be able to switch on the light too.
So that the light in the clay jar may recognise your voice too and when u say let it be, then it shall be!!!
And the Glory birthed by the light will be so bright that even with your naked eyes will find it hard to see.
But your spirit shall witness! And it is there that you shall find peace, joy and total fulfilment in such a great creation revealed.
BEHOLD! You too are just another Clay jar like the one that has been handed to you…
You too have been handed to her that she may fill you up with power to be able to sustain her light,
We are just two Clay Jars in the Potter’s house made in unit  to bring forth His Glory!

One’s beauty is incomplete without another… for it is only when the two come together that greatness is revealed!

By: P. Mokgosi
T-Angelz Creations

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