It’s time to let go

So I was alone

The mind knows what the heart refuses to believe. It has been there and has already experienced all the disappointments and joys. It has already shared all life experiences. Its been there, done that, and ready to move on.

The mind knows what the heart refuses to believe. It knows all the heartaches and all the true love and all those who run away and play the blame game.

It knows the real suitors and those still testing the waters. It knows all of this at first glance.

It knows the genuine words and words which are just said to appease the receiver. It knows those who are here to stay and those who will skitdadle the moment something new entices them.

It knows the truth which the heart confidently refuses to believe; for it falls too hard.

The mind knows it all.

The heart is so vulnerable to experience, so vulnerable for second chances, so vulnerable to loyalty, so vulnerable to the fairytale happy ending.

The heart refuses to remove the mist in front of its view to see what’s truly there. It experiences feelings which are not truthful but coz of so much belief and loyalty it sticks to it.
It experiences a figment of its world, a world which is solely created by it.

The mind knows what the heart refuses to believe.

When the pursuer becomes the pursued. When the pursuer has vanished into the mist of other potentials. All signs and realities are there, yet the heart is still at faith that all is not as it seems.

All that it sees; it still believes in the goodness of the situation, a place of hope. It still sees a futures a happy ending.

The heart refuses all that is in plain text. It refuses what’s there and sees it’s own reality. The heart refuses to see what the mind has already seen.

It refuses to go where the mind has went.  It refuses all truth for hope is what keeps it going.

The heart refuses to believe what the mind already knows.

Time to let go.

By T. Sibiya

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