The journey of the connector.

The Story of a cable

If each cable had a story to tell what would yours say.

I’m the connector of life, I bring forth the power that keeps my user connected. If it wasn’t for me she wouldn’t be in touch with society so yeah I am a connector.

I bring the users devices together. I’m the one who supplies power to my inanimate character. I’m the one who gives this device the life and guess what I choose the power I supply.

I’m the bringer of happiness. Every time my owner connects her robot, she jumps for joy. I bring forth the illusion of limitless connection.

I’m the bringer of heat. I fuel up the battery, without me there’s no hope.

I’ve been tangled, tied in knots so I could fit in their purses, or pockets. I’ve been tossed, shared amongst users, I fear for my own life. I supply life to the billion lifeless devices, I create conversation amongst my users, and I bring them together, but sadly they all so focused on their devices. I’ve been pulled, strained, put through worse conditions and I still come out a survivor ready to connect. I’ve been trampled upon and still standing strong. I’ve got bruises to show for the tormented self. I’ve got scars to show for the strain I’ve been through. I’ve got marks I don’t even know how I got them and I believe even my owner has forgotten how that happened.

My insides are now showing; pouring out of my protective shell. My outer layer is so dirty, full of disgust that my owner wishes for a newer me, and I’m still standing. My insides are now seen as hazardous yet all this time I’ve been put through so much strain nobody ever thought of that.

Through the ties and knots nobody ever thought of my fragility. When I’ve being shared from one friend to another nobody ever thought of my insides being ruined. When I was slipped into each and every device in the room nobody ever thought I’d lose my power.

Today I’m just a cable, lying in some dark place forgotten for my owner is ashamed to put me out in public. Today I’m just a cable lying there with no use. Today I’m just a cable with a story to tell, the journey I’ve been through, the joy I bought to my owner and friends, the life I bought to those devices. Today I’m a well-travelled cable, have seen it all, been in all and I’m still standing. One last life from me before I say goodbye.

I am a cable and this is my story.

By T. Sibiya
T-Angelz  Creations

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