Good Morning World

Good morning world, today’s a new day.

I need to get out of bed and thank my God for yet another day. I need to tell him how grateful I am for this day that I’m able to breathe the same air as my brothers and sisters. I need to sit down, take a look at the word, and remind myself of His goodness. I need to walk to the bathroom and do my morning duties so I will be fresh and look representable for you.
Good morning world today is a new day. As I step into the kitchen, make myself a cup of tea; get that morning energy as there is nothing to uplift your spirit like a good breakfast, the best way to start your morning. I open the bread tin, get some bread and make toasted bread with butter, somersault on my taste buds.
Good morning world, as I delightfully enjoy my breakfast, I check my daily news; see what the rest of the world is doing. Look at the empowering public figures we have, look at what other young people my age are doing. This is to get me started. 
Good morning world, it’s still early in the morning, and I’m up and ready for the day challenge. I check my daily schedule, the goals I hope to meet by the end of the day and revisit what I didn’t finish yesterday. I look at everything that I want to do and make it happen for myself.
I have realised that no one will make my dreams come true, so I have to step out of the house in the cold winter morning and make it happen. 
I am a dreamer, I visualise myself living at the mountain top with fewer worries in the world and pushing my passion.
Good morning world, cold as it is, I get my hands dirty, and I stick them into the ice-cold water just to fish out what I want. The billionaires I read about this morning have taught me not to allow idleness rule me
Good morning world, I’m done complaining about what others are not doing, what others are not providing. I’m done looking at others approval because I have seen that it won’t take me anywhere. I’m done being a people pleaser for at the end of the day I end up two steps behind from where I started from. I’m done telling others about my plans because they always find a way of crushing my spirit. I’m done displaying my every move for the public to see. I do me and let my hardwork show for itself. 
Good morning world today is a new day, it’s not even twelve noon and I have achieved so much on my daily schedule. I’m ready for my midday cup of coffee as the hustling continues. I think I’ll hala at my buddies and see how are they doing, are they still complaining and pushing others dreams while neglecting their own. I hala at my buddies for a smoke or two and see if we are still cruising on the same boat of hustlers. I’ll hala at my buddies and see if the negativity of the world has not toiled with their minds to a point of giving up. I just need to check my friends since they push me to where I am now.
Good morning world, as I walk around town doing me, reminiscing on the motivational talks I have gotten from my parents and mentors to PUSH. I listen to the songs of power; I converse with those who are moving forward. I am inspired to make my name known, to be uttered across the borders. I am inspired to be the greatest of my craft. I am inspired to perfect my skills each step of the way.
 After lunch, I am back at my workspace recapping on the morning, setting up for tomorrow and finalising today’s duties.
Good Morning World, rise and shine for today is a new day.
By; T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations 

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