Phenomenal world of friendship


Word on the street says that you are kind; you are the most selfless person in town.

There are some questions in life which don’t have one answer. There’s never a right answer but what each person feels is true and right to them. Question of love have puzzled many, and even today no one answer is correct but what each individual feels is the right thing. The question of religion on the hand is as mysterious as the other billion elements in society. Who you worship and where you worship is the matter of choice and no one religion is correct as compared to the next. This is all a matter of perception how you relate to society and your contributions towards it, make it right for you and gives you that tingling sensation inside you.

Friendship is also as puzzling as all the other elements within society that don’t have one answer. We come across theories of friendship, stories on how it is built. We get to learn that no two stories are the same but the feeling tends to more common yet not explained in the same manner. As stated by Aristotle that Friendship is when one soul is shared amongst two bodies. It can be explained as the bond built amongst friend is inseparable that they become as one, their commonality, shared interests are a mystery. 

Some of the friends we meet in life become family like where the bond is so strong strangers mistaken us to be blood related. Whereas some friends are just a phase, they are people you meet for experiences, learn a certain lesson from them because some of them turn out to be toxic for you and your common interest was just a figment of your imagination. They are what we call; pass by strangers, because days and months past, years later you wonder what ever happened to them.

Going back to the family bond, where two people have met before but where separated by circumstances years later they meet again and turn it up like a house on fire. They realise that back then they never connected because they were only involved in each other’s life’s for a short period of time, and today what was not seen then is revealed and they are more the same than different.

Who is a friend?
  •           A person who you can talk to at any time of the day
  •           A person who you share common interests with
  •           A person who has  an opposite personality to yours
  •           A person who becomes family
  •           A person who always has your back
  •           A person who is always by your side to fight your battle with you
  •           A person to keep you grounded and still go crazy with you
  •           A person even through silence you always connected
  •           A person who you genuinely smile when you think about them
  •           The first person to share life changing situation with
  •           Though the same and share similar interests he/she is still the best person to give you sound advice
  •           A person who you not afraid to reveal your true self to
  •           A person you who you can be miserable in front of and still not judge you but comfort you
  •           That person is your partner in everything.

These are some of the key elements of what a friend is. But as mentioned above there is never one right answer to friendship but what each individual feels is right and true to them.

By; T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations

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