The time is now.

The Last Hour

When the clock strikes noon we know that morning has passed, what was missed at 11:59 can never be recovered at 12:59 for the time has passed a new hour arises. The sun shifts accordingly making room for the moon which shall rise later on.

All that was not done or said the previous minute make a huge different as time moves. Every second we grow, each minute we learn, every hour we are enlightened of the new age. New beginnings, as we move forward carrying what we have learnt the time before. We use what we know and have learnt today we carry that to the future. What we see today is automatically encoded in our minds; sometimes we wonder why we learn this instead that. Why we are exposed to certain things instead if what we want. We are taught that everything happens for a reason, and every lesson has a great test tomorrow.

We do not know when the time will be, we only realize it when it has passed. Our time on earth is like a ticking time bomb. Every second counts, and what we do with our time should be worthwhile. We never anticipate the passing of a young soul but always looking at the old. We have come to believe that the old have lived their lives and have fulfilled what God has brought them on earth for. It is often said during the departure of an elder, that we shall celebrate their lives for they have lived for many years, they have seen, learnt and have done God’s will. They have paved their way for eternity by fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.

It becomes a parable when a young person a toddler for that matter leaves us. We are filled so many questions which none of us have answers for, all that is said is, only God Knows. Where does one begin to explain the passing of a young kid, or understand why God has taken them at such a young age? One wonders if their purposes on earth was fulfilled or were they robbed of their years. At a tender age, young, vibrant, smart, a doctor, scientist, astronaut in the making, have left a huge gap for tomorrow for that void will never be filled. The bible tells us not to be weary, not to worry about tomorrow and also not to question God’s will. When a child passes it’s unbelievable that we hope time could go back and we can stop this fate. We hope to get a call from heaven saying; just kidding. It is unbelievable as parents have hopes and foresee a brighter future for their children. Reality is, only God knows what will happen tomorrow.

No one knows the minute or the hour they will leave this world hence we should embrace every second that we are still here and praise God always thanking him for yet another day.

By: T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations

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