Muntu Omuhle:Words of Admiration

Ngivumele muntu omuhle

Your beauty shines through the eyes of the blind, that it make him exclaim in awe, shocked by your beauty that restores his sight.

Your beauty turns a drunkard into a pastor, as he praises your maker, abonge ubuhle bakho for buya mangaza.
Your beauty is so eccentric that not even words can describe it.
Your beauty exhumes the magnificent of mankind, the womanhood who stand strong and defeats all strongholds.
Your beauty turns a player into a husband material, for ufuna uk’protector his queen
Your beauty steals the heart of a thief that he sentences himself into a love slave, for eternity.
Your beauty has converted a rebel into a saint, for he has stumbled across the fine marbles of womankind.
Ngivumele muntu omuhle Ngibabaze ubuhle bakho, ngitshele isizwe ngawe
Ngivumele mumtu omuhle ngiku tshele ukuthi umuhle ka ngakanani, allow me to shower you with praises coz DAMN abazali bakho bazongi funa izinkulungwane zama randi
Ubuhle bakho, there is no value that can be put to it, nor can it be weighed at the farmers market.
Your eyes sparkle as they complement your smile to bring out that well centred nose which highlights the symmetry of your face. Your high chick bone, with a flare of fat brings out your dimples that lighten the room every time you smile.
Your voice serenades the ears of those close enough to hear, your soothing sound ingenza ngifune ukukwenza umama wasekhaya, for I can see our babies falling asleep in my arms to your soothing voice
Ngivumele muntu omuhle ngibabaze ubuhle bakho, ngibonge umdali for restoring my faith that there is such a thing called beauty. With a lil zing to accentuate your beauty,ubuhle bakho kuyisikhumbuzo ukuthi God only creates of his likeness.
Angisakhulumi with the beauty that blossoms from within
Uk’thanda kwakho uNkulunkulu has sealed the deal that ntombazane ima walk you down the aisle in your ivory dress.
Ubuhle bakho buya mangaza, remind me to uk’bonga abazali bakho for raising such a beautiful young lady, oziphethe khahle, omuhle and usaba uJehova
What a total package for me
Ngivumele muntu omuhle to tell the world about the gold I have just found.
Ubuhle bakho cannot be compared to anything else in the world; it proves that eccentricity is found in the rarest part of the world.

Hau waze wamuhle mntano muntu
By: T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations

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