The rollercoaster

This year has taken me through a whirlpool of emotions but at the end of the day I realised I choose me. I choose to live rather than dying in someone else’s shadow. I choose to shine above all because at the end of the day I’m the most important person in my life for myself. This year I’ve confronted feelings of betrayal, love, stagnant and I have to say it isn’t an easy journey. Please erase, share and comment on your own 2020 journey because this year has been quite WEIRD.

Soul crushed

Welcome to the circus, all clowns one side and let's take a moment of silence to our lost souls. Mjolo isn't for the faint hearted. Hope I did just to this narrative.

A Letter to you

Dear Blinded EyeThe EyeThe eye that refuses to see what is there. The eye that profoundly makes its own conclusion of what is there. To the eye that sees nothing but just blackness, to the eye that refuses to transmit messages back to the brain. To the eye that confuses the heart. To the eye... Continue Reading →

Muntu Omuhle:Words of Admiration

Ngivumele muntu omuhleYour beauty shines through the eyes of the blind, that it make him exclaim in awe, shocked by your beauty that restores his sight.Your beauty turns a drunkard into a pastor, as he praises your maker, abonge ubuhle bakho for buya mangaza.Your beauty is so eccentric that not even words can describe it.Your... Continue Reading →

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