As we celebrate World AIDS Day

As we come out victorious

My name has been denoted into a three-letter word slash a four-letter word. An acronym of bigger words that is dreadful to pronounce. I do not know how they do it, to say my name in such conviction, with a stern voice and without fear of what I am.

I have come into this world and people did not know who I am, until my first victims were too weak to speak nor to be in control of their own bodies, for I have defeated them internally. They dubbed me the long names the two various stages one becoming longer than the other one. They gave me these names for they say I attack first from the inside and if you are not aware I strike on the outside, I wanna be seen. What would have I called myself if I knew I was gonna be this popular years and years after I surfaced. I would have given myself a name to be fear for ages, I would have given myself a name never to be said, it would be a fable that I exist.
Years and years have passed and I still attack, I was not known how strong I am, how effective I can be to society. I also never knew my powers that so many would fear yet so many were attracted to me. I never knew that babies would be orphans because of me, that young kids will be parents before their time, taking care of their younger siblings. I never knew that the old citizens grants will be the one to feed the mouths of those left behind, I also never knew my power. Society had not anticipated for such a dreadful friend.

I have attacked all households, from the upper class to the lower class, those who are financially strong where able to keep me at bay but sadly for those at the lower rank I finished them all. I got to you through your activities, and some through their ignorance. I got to you through your weakness. However, damn those scientists had to mess up my plan of infecting the whole world.

I’ve been kept at bay by millions of treatment that today people speak of me as a defeated enemy. My power to destroy many has failed, for now society has become smart, they take so many precautions to prevent themselves from me. They even go an extra mile of taking millions of pills and even newly discovered ones just to eliminate me from the inside. I thought I had their minds; but they are too smart for me, for they go through counselling to know more about me and to defend themselves from me. Society now has many support groups for my victims who have come out victorious. They have somehow defeated me for many have lived more than the expected years of my once know sufferers. They have come out victorious to tell the world their stories of survival their stories of victory.

People are no longer shunting them; they now live in full view of everyone mingling with everyone and even being in happy relationships for they have conquered me. They come out victorious raising their banners proud of themselves and no longer ashamed of what they have. They have become educators to those who come after them and those who do not know of me. They teach nations of the precautions and preventions to minimise the number of infected people. Oh, society has out smarted me.

They now chant; “it’s either infected or affected, no escape.”

Happy World AIDS Day, as we defeat this

Romans 8: 31-39 (Through Christ we are more than conquerors for He is love)

By; T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations

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