Taking Charge

The Modern Woman

We are living in the modern times where society has advanced, and evolved into new ways of thinking and doing things.
The feminist theories have existed through time, which encourage and empower women to be who they are and freely express themselves within their context and rights. Feminist believe in women empowerment, it can be argued that they are not dethroning the male of their glory but only lifting their flag up high and doing what is right for them and those around them.
With so much women empowerment, bizarre things have emerged within society where women are now izi sheli. They can approach any guy they like and propose their love to them. This used to be seen as taboo throughout history, as it said, “he who finds a wife finds a good thing”. Ladies should always wait for their prince charming. However, the times we live in, women are taking charge of their destiny, and setting their paths to best suit them for their personal happiness. Some women believe that men tend to be slow to read their signs and advances, which results to them being forthcoming with what they want.
The leap year, the year of insanity as tables are turned, women given the power to shine and express their love to their companions. Proposing marriage and even going to the extent of defining tradition and paying lobola. Women have become more assertive in what they want and free within society. The new age has developed women who know what they want and are not scared of being judged by those of the older generation. 
This has started within our education system, women given the right and authority of going to school and studying what they want, we’re no longer living in the times where women did home economics, sewing and getting ready to becoming housewives. Women are now career orientated, where they walk an extra mile to becoming the best within their field, from doctors, accountants, producers, writers, engineers, artists. Women are now freely exploring the world with no limitations (with exception to those countries where there is no freedom).
The modern society, through media, women have been equipped with the skill of free thinking, and being emancipated from the ‘cultural’ barriers which limit freedom of expression amongst women. Women are no longer the submissive housewives but now elegant, respectful and freethinking women. Their pose of being able to conduct themselves with such elegance and humility is key significance of the modern woman, who wakes each morning with the knowledge of freedom and taking charge of their world. 
The modern woman is frowned upon at times by the older generation as they seem to be too forward and lack patience, perseverance to certain things. They scream the words of not needing a male companion as they lack patience. They scream hurtful words of loneliness, as they’ve been hurt so much. The modern woman has learned to be who they are without being defined by the male. 
The Modern woman, “taking charge of one’s destiny”
T-Angelz Creations
By; T. Sibiya 

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