The Flag of Womanhood

The Flag of Womanhood

It has always been said and believed that women should always be humble, bazi thobe in front of the male specie. Bangazi khupuli but always be submissive to their man.  
“Mmangwane o tshwara thipa ka bohaleng”

Many a times as society, we are faced with many challenges, which men are the foreground of all. Where men are placed at the pedestal in leading the mass and women are shunt into being submissive and supportive of the male. What is not known nor seen is that women are the key drivers of the struggle. For example, there are many women in history who have taken the lead position for change, Joan of the Arc; lead thousands of men into war, even though some doubted her leadership ability and sanity, but she lead with determination and no doubt in herself. Mother Theresa instilled peace and nobility and truthfulness in the nation by her strive for world peace and doing well to others. 
Women leadership prevails through the odd times of life, in South African history in August 9 1956, women such as Helen Joseph, Lillian Ngoyi, marched to Pretoria, Union Buildings in fighting against the pass laws. These women have raised the womanhood flag of taking charge of the situation at hand.
What makes woman to be a woman? Is it the physical structure, the ability to give birth, or their nurturing instincts? Being a woman does not only lie within the physical factors, but can go deep to how they can handle situations. A strong women faces war head on, with her belief and strength leading the way. Women can hold mounts of struggles within them yet they still able to wear a smile every day and shine so that the whole world will shine. They do their best to hide their tears from their families. Women are the stronghold of any household, as they are able to hide their difficulties from their kids, they are able to make their kids happy and provide for them in whichever way they can. 
“Umfati ulibamba lishisa”, with that said Women are the core foundation of any household, nation or social structure.
T-Angelz Creations 
 By; T. Sibiya

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