The Love of a Mother

The Essence of a Woman

She is the essence of love
She is the core of zealous love
She is the core of hardship
She can endure every pain
A woman, that’s what she is.

She sits alone in the dark with tears flowing down her face.
She subdues all storms which comes her way
She withstands all the stones thrown at her, for she’s a woman.
The moment she hears a bang outside, her blood rises to an escalating temperature as she thinks of her kids.
She has gone through so much to protect her young ones.
Nine months she bore her young; she nourished and connected with her kid. She loved her kid before she even knew its face.
Hours of labour, carefully pushing that gigantic head out of her vagina
First years of development she fed her baby, loved her baby, protected her baby, so protected that not even a speck of dust could dense her fragile adorable baby.
She walked with her child on their first day of school.
She listened to all her child’s cases
She is a mother
She can take care of any child who is left at her door step.
Even through the pain of not being able to have kids of her own,
She loves, and protects the child, natural maternal instincts.
Even though she left you at the dumpsite, she is a woman as the cry of the abandoned child becomes louder each passing year.
She is a woman, a strong woman who makes right decisions at the given time.
She holds life’s deepest secrets in her.
“A woman can die with all secrets buried in her heart.”

She smiles through all storms as she knows they shall pass by and her household will still be standing.
She maintains her posture through all difficulties of life.
She is a woman, a mother at it.
She is born with a special quality in her, a quality which no man can take away from her.
Many may call her names, but the true essence of a woman never dies, nor does her spirit be demolished by all that is thrown at her.
She is a woman a mother.

Through her love and laughter she bears it all for she is the one we all love.

The essence of a woman, A Mother.

By; T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations

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