My Prince Charming

How Does one know when they have found their prince charming.

Every girl dreams of the day they find their prince charming, the day they will be whooped off their feet, and suspended in mid-air with the one they love. As our eyes meet jitters of knowing you have found the one. Glowing in smiles as every second pass through the stares, assurance that he is the one. That defining moment of butterflies in the stomach when a simple touch takes us to a thousand miles, a fairytale love. That kiss which awakens sleeping beauty, that dance which captures the prince, saved from a tower of misfortunes and the cruel queen which is the world. That defining moment when we know he is the one, through the touch, electrical exhilaration exchanged through every fingertip. That defining moment where our voices become one, speaking the same language, having the same dream, that moment that penetrates through your heart at every breathe. That defining moment.

How do you know you have found your prince charming and that you are ready to walk down the aisle?

Many at time we find ourselves wondering with such questions; will I ever get married, will I ever find my prince charming, where will I live, who will I share my old-age with. These questions tend to bring forth uncertainty in our lives, the fear of the future and forgetting ourselves and what we believe in. For the Christian society, the bible tells us not to be worry about tomorrow for God has a plan for us. We tend to forget what has kept us going throughout our lives to the extent that we curse our lifestyles. Forgetting that everything happens at its rightful time. We worry ourselves about the future, the unknown, trying to create a perfect haven where we will settle. And life isn’t about settlement, but it’s a movement, we grow each day as we discover new boundaries.

The question still remains, how does one know when they have found their prince charming?
He is the guy who calls you for nothing, he is the one who texts you good morning just to appear online, he is the who passes by your place hoping to see you, he is the one who draws your face through the haze of hearts, and stares to space. These are some of the factors which others consider to being the one. He can be defined as someone you dream about every night, fantasize about them every second of the day, he is that person who brings chills to your body at every thought about them. He is the one who through a simple touch your heart paces twice the speed in a second, your blood rushes 360 degrees to the max of a normal human.

He is the one who his name is permanently engrave in your heart, no matter how hard we try and ignore it, deep down we know he is the one. He is the one when talking to we feel secured to share our every secret, our hearts deepest desires. He is the one through the little gestures he portrays assures you that you future with him is safe. He opens his hands for you to rest upon, being transparent and sharing what you would have never imagined. He is prince charming.

How does one know when they have found their prince charming?
By: T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations

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