A story to be told-Just For Control

Just For Control

The mind knows what the heart refuses to believe. It sees beyond the visual data given by the eye.

Being caught in a small room, with people of different personalities yet they are perceived as the same because of their gender, dress code and societal background. Life is mysterious and this brings thrill and fascination of what may lie ahead. The thought of not knowing breeds the adventure and triggers your dopamine. That leap of faith, bungee jumping, dangling from a tower/ mountain without the 100% assurance that the bungee rope will support your weight. Rafting, going through the various water current, hitting each and every rock along the way without the knowledge that you will get out there alive. Same as going to a new place without knowing anybody, but the trust that you have in whichever high power you believe in sets your mind at ease. Falling in love has also been proven to be a dangerous and risky act that one may take, not fully knowing the person you fall for, what they are hiding behind closed doors, their real personas and not the person they introduce in the street.

The reason our eyes are in front of our faces is for us to always see what is in front of us. Some of the things we see are the obstacles on our away, the lost love, bonds that might transpire through time, and a possible fairy-tale happy ending. The story of Cinderella meeting her prince, sleeping beauty being woken up by a true love kiss, and Rapunzel being rescued from the high tower. This can be argued that one finds their prince or princess in the most bizarre places and the obscure environment, where time and age do not matter. The factors which are seen to be a hindrance are eliminated, because of the bond which is built becomes stronger each second. What the eye sees, the heart loved but the mind argues because the ideologies which exist and hinders the next move. The battlefield of all “logical” reasons, the mind tries to reason and make sense of what is there and cannot be understood by the heart.

You may come from the slums, go to bed each night on bread and water, being tortured by your family and told you’re cursed you will never find love. Cinderella met her prince at the ball, no matter who you are or where you come from, there is always that one person waiting for you. Rapunzel’s story reveals to us the “so-called” high maintenance lady. The independent woman who is seen to be higher than most of her male counterparts and no possible suitor wants to go for her. What all these suitors don’t realise is the humility in these ladies that what they are, the jobs and education they have doesn’t erase her womanhood.
Age isn’t anything but a number, so they say. Age is one of the factors which the mind sees and over analyse it for society has programmed us to look at it, and the vast age difference is considered a taboo.
Trapped in a space with individuals considered to be the same for they dress alike, but when we look deeper in this room and get to know the persons in the same cloth, we find the thrill, adventure and the new terrains to be explored.

By T. Sibiya
T-angelz Creations

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