Reality of Growing Up


Have I become a pay cheque slave, where I have been institutionalised to work from hand to mouth? 

The corporate world which most of us dream off when growing up is not as glamorous as shown in the Hollywood movies; big cars, glass house on the mountain peak, a dog to keep you company and a partner to talk to once in a while. Such life is only true in movies; we are told if we want to live the best life envisioned, we should go to school, work hard and pave our way to success. True, education is a fundamental tool in society, it equip us with necessary skill to survive in our daily lives. In institutions such as schools we learn all sort of valuable skills, from the social development to our educational development, in social development we learn how to interact with other people from the various social groups and background, we get to learn who we are and our function in society. This is a path of self-discovery, as we get to know and understand ourselves with the various social vulnerability we enquire along the way. We develop our cognitive within these institutions, our level of interaction varies from that of those who didn’t have the opportunity to be part of such an environment, our level of maturity varies from institution to institution. 
Seven years of primary school, five more years in high school, than we thrown into the water, higher educational learning from there there’s no rope to hold on we we’re thrown right in the deep blue sea, the corporate world. Only a few survive here. 
We get into the corporate world fresh from school and not sure of ourselves and what we’re supposed to do. We use the skills learnt throughout our childhood and young adult life to survive within the corporate world. We are never told that the glamour we see in movies magazines is only acquired through hard work and discipline. At the beginning we stumble within this world as we are still uncertain of what is required of us, one may feel like giving up as there’s so much pressure put upon you. We get scared of messing up, we work harder than everybody else even though our diligence isn’t seen. We sweat five days a week with minimal rest over the weekend, learning to juggle our social life and work life. 
At school we saw ourselves taking home a big pay cheque where one was to buy a car with their first cheque, townhouse, build mama a big house, take gran on a luxurious trip, but reality steps in once one is out of school and hunting for the job they want. Our first pay cheque is enough to get us to work and back home and buy an outfit to suit your work life. one gets to wonder what has happened to the glamour we all saw, that immediately after school I’ll be the “top dog”, we are disillusioned by the fantasy world where we forget reality that life is not all fairytales but hard work, diligence, and not forgetting GOD (or the high power you believe in).
Have I become a slave a pay cheque?
Reality no, but the hard work and less hours for oneself is what builds to the luxury we envision.

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