The Power we Possess

My Success Story

How do you define success? Is it the big car you drive, is it the mansion you live in or a lump sum of money in your account, or even the job you’re doing.

At times we often see success as material things, neglecting the joy of knowing and happiness we possess within us.
Each one of us is born possessing a gift in each hand, but it’s how we use it that determines our success stories. It is often said that, “my past doesn’t determine who I am and who I’ll become”, in reality our past, background of where we come from should be the building block of our success stories. At times as individuals we tend to dwell on our mishaps and forget that greatness of life and its path to a better living.
Coming from a disadvantage background doesn’t mean that you’ll also end up there in the future, but as individuals we have to reshape our mindset, change our ways of thinking and pursue to what God has envisioned for us. For no one is born to be poor and miserable.
Not having funds to further your education after high school shouldn’t be the end of the road for you but should be the beginning of a success story. As mentioned before we are all born with a gift, and it’s up to us to utilise it. How we do it varies from person to person. Some of us need to go to school in order to explore our gifts and open unimaginable doors, while some are more of innovators, who do not need the power of a classroom to write their success stories. Not going to school is not necessary the end of the road, hence we learn on our everyday life, informally, through our peers, within the books we pick up, what we consume from the mass media. Our learning comes from various sources of life, therefore not having a degree/diploma to your name that doesn’t erase your success story.
God plus education equals to my success, God plus using the gift he’s given me equals to my success.1John 4:4 “…greater is He who is in you (me) than he who is in the world.” The power of knowing God and letting him be the leader the advocate of my life gives me the greatest advantage in life as I know that he’ll be my shepherd the driver of my vehicle.
The pen I use to ink down my success story is lived through the power of knowing Christ.
By; T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations 

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