Child of the African Soil

Africa Day

I was molded from the very sands of my land.
The colour of my skin constitutes of every shade of the soil, blended together to create the right shade, the right tone, the right glow.
The sun rays illuminate the beauty of the African child. It accentuates every aspect of the African child, every pore oozes of perfection.  Every blemish radiates the true beauty of Africa.

The smoothness of my skin is refined by the African hand.

The coarse hair resembles the fertile grounds which bear the African crops.
 The sound of my voice echo’s the beauty of Africa, Ululating African Kings and Queens, the sound of mother nature.
The beginning of humanity, the flawless nation.
My body outlines the curves along the borders of Africa.
From North to west to south to east then back to North, every corner of Africa I represent.
The child of the African soil. My shade differs as I travel across the continent. My tone deepens as I cover every corner. I produce authenticity, the child of the African soil.
Proudly African.
Happy Africa Day
T-Angelz Creations

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