In the World of Sanity

Insanity is the game

In the world of sanity, where one’s thoughts and habits collides with the social norms.
Where individuality is seen as loneliness
Where difference is seen as insanity.
In a world of sanity, where everything is of likeness, yet everybody preaches the word of uniqueness.
In the world of sanity where members of society clone one another to create a trend of standing out.
Where conformity is seen as the appropriate social behavior.
Where walking, talking and dressing the same is still considered as being unique.
Where the importance of falling under same social group is applaud and given credit for social conformity and blending in.
Being in the hype, the now, the recent; social pleasure brings joy to the group of the “so-called” uniqueness.
Bringing personality into the plate and aint coping nobody’s trend, style but creating your own personal style.

I said it, where cloning challenges one’s mentality and understanding of uniqueness.
Questions the notion of sanity, Likeness given credit for brainwashing.
Yet we still call ourselves “special and unique”
Standing out in crowd for looking exactly the same as the person next to you. Being a reflection of one another, a split image of each another.
Yet we still say we are unique and creating a social trend.
In the world of sanity, where those who do not conform to the ‘so-called’ social trend are given names;
Names that reflect their individuality,
Names that give them a social stigma of insanity,
Names which define them as weirdo’s in society,
Names that are out of the social norms of conformity.
Names meant to scar them,
Yet they still stand strong for being  individuals
Yes, I said it in the world of sanity, where individuality is insanity.
For one stands out alone in a crowd,
Lonely social pleasures gives them the drive of not conforming.
Where the clones isolate the individuals and say they have no personality.
Where the clones frown upon the different, for they stand out more than they do.
Yet these clones still say they are unique.
In the world of sanity, where not listening to the same music is considered as a social taboo.
Where not following the in trend is a social suicide.
In the world of sanity where all known social norms and meaning are turned around to suite the cloning generation.
In the world of sanity where not drinking and smoking the same joint is seen as illegal. Alienation is the peak of this social mountain,
Isolation is the new gospel preached to the clones.
So-called uniqueness and personality is the daily bread, fed to the hungry of belonging. Social trend runs faster than a cheetah in the wild.
In the world of sanity,
Insanity is the game.
T-Angelz Creations
By: T. Sibiya

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