Ignorance is the Killer of Mankind

The Power of Listening
“He, who has no ear, will be lost forever”

The most appalling humans are not those who always listen or those who consider others. We’re living in a society where everything we do is constituted by others views (help in grooming society), where we coexist within each other’s environments, irrespective of your differences. All that is left is tolerance and having to set aside our differences in order to work together. As former beauty, pageant contestants use to say, “We’re striving for world peace.” Yes indeed, we tolerate each other’s differences and personalities in order to create a suave existence of peace and order.

Regardless how much you try to avoid conflict, there are certain individuals in society who makes it their personal mission to tick off a number of explosives in others, no matter what you try you still end up in the same situation. ‘Listening is a skill, not a talent’, as the 90’s kasi kids use to say, it is true, it does not take some special talent for one to listen, nor some scientific formulae for you to know how to listen. It takes a willing participant and the rest flows automatically. Now, what we are forgetting is that, yes, I can listen to you, but that does not automatically say that I agree or I’m in support of what you are saying. Some people tend to miss the part of listening and actually considering other’s view in a formal setting.

In reality, we are not always going to agree on the same things, and that is normal, but what is abnormal is the way we go about it. Some can handle themselves and find a resolution for the indifferences, yet others opt to be vicious about it. They resort to fighting you and undermine your intelligence, hence you not the one resembling an imbecile but well you’re bigger than that. You let it go and hope that individual will get back to their senses and see reason, but still, life remains the same as they take days-to-centuries trying to demine you for your opinion disagrees with theirs.

This is where the element of class, race, age, and sadly position gets to be misused. You use your power to eliminate those who disagree with you, for you lack the skill of listening. Listening, we all should not forget that it possess a special power of understanding, if you do not know how to listen to others, how will you be able to understand what is being conveyed. We tend to forget this remarkable superpower of understanding, which gives us the leverage over those who lack understanding, for we are able to explain to them what is being said.

Moreover, another splendid element is brought in, the power learning, you discover what you did not know, and learn how to project it in society amongst you peers and colleagues.  The power of listen brings you closer to discovering the unknown level of the universe, which stimulates your neuron processing and widens your horizon.

The power of listening also brings forth the power of being listened to, as those who listen to you will groom you. What is an individual who cannot listen to nor value others opinions in an open discussion? It is a sad reality that, there many of them who exist in society. Those people who walk with their head held up high, with pride and joy on the limited knowledge they have. The knowledge, which makes them feel so superior for they use a jargon foreign to many (known to them alone). They use such jargon to undermine the next person intelligence, not realise that that an idiot in his scenario is he who does not want to be corrected. Well idiot might be too harsh of a word, but reality proves that this person does not only destroy their own existence, limiting the capability of their brain cells, but they are a danger to themselves.

Ignorance is a dangerous weapon, which will most definitely destroy you if you do not have an ear. 

T-Angelz Creations
By: T. Sibiya

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