The jungle

One day I shall work for the biggest company in the world.

One day I’ll make a difference.

One day I’ll travel the world while earning millions.

One day all shall go my way, after varsity straight to the workplace.

Who would have thought job hunting would become a job on its own. 12 years at school (basic education), 4 years in university. Please allow me to boast for a second, the top best university in our country. Yes, I made it in life. I was ready to be a worker bee, in all honesty, not an 8-5, formal wear, office type of a job. I was prepared to finally be independent. I was ready to move out of home, future husband waiting at the corner, car, house you know the dream. I was prepared for the adulthood dream. BMW 325i, yes I’m kasi like that, I was going to fetch my car in December 10 months after working. I was ready for #blessed #GodsChild #Success, oh! The famous slogan at the time; “momma I made it”. I was prepared for all of it. First job internship, okay my degree is working for me, God’s favourite child over here. One thing about most South African internships is they’re a bit redundant at times because once the internship is over, you’re left to the dogs. The company rarely absorbs you, they simply let you go, and you fend for yourself. You apply for billion jobs with the little experience that you have, and all these companies are looking for someone with 2 or more years of experience.

Photo by Annie Spratt

The internship journey was amazing, I did a lot of things, I learnt new traits I wasn’t worried about life after the internship #StillBlessed. I work so hard hoping that they’ll absorb me at the end of the internship but sadly nothing. Everyone I spoke too during this process would tell me how I should prove myself, how I should be extraordinary, which I did, I guess I didn’t so well. Well, not the end of the world. December comes game over, no certificate, no ceremony nothing, MICT SETA disappointed us, sad reality. No big deal, I’ve got this I’ll apply, and I know something will come up. The following year I sent so much CVs they’re enough to create a novel. By God’s grace, someone from church asked what I was doing and where I’m at, and I told him I’m still hunting. I was helped via connections. When I got the job, I knew it was for a short season, until the end of the show, which was October. So May to October, I was sorted. I was good #LookAtGod. I wasn’t at home for too long before God connected me with the right people. Stress always comes 2 months before the end, where to from here? Now I’ve been bruised by my first job, overdoing things and never saying no only to end up where I started. So here I took it easy, there were times I’d do more, I’m such an overachiever, but I know my limits. End of contract, thank you for your service. Okay, it’s a pleasure.

Back to the streets, now towards the end of my contract, I was already applying for other jobs. I was made aware when I got there that it’s only for this season and experience, which I’m still grateful for. I got to use the skills I learnt the previous year and acquired new ones. I got to experiment with the theory I learnt at school, so it was terrific. I’m young, not a big deal, I need as much experience that I can get to make it in this industry.

God has always been faithful, and most of the time if not all the time, I always got what I prayed for. Strange but that’s how much I believe and trust in God. Next year I get a learnership, not pleased but what can I do, experience, that journey ended too soon. Got another job within 2months after the learnership, which I was cut off too soon, sad moment.

Give me a moment to cry about it.

Okay, landed another great job, content writer, journalist and photographer. Look I was on a roll. Now comes the part I’ve always forgotten to ask God, Money. I want money, I want that house on the mountain, the BMW 325i is still waiting for me. I want to have the option of walking to work or working from home. I’ve always had wild dreams: today I’m working from home (that’s a story for another day). This job I told them what my expected salary was and they agreed, but the moment I got there things changed. I was told about 1-month probation and that I won’t be earning what I want. Okay understandable, probation period they have to see if I’m capable of doing this. Hey, I’m still new in the industry, I understand. End of month one that bank notification, oh yes, I was shattered. Half of what I expected, no, no, no. I asked the boss, and he told me things such as I didn’t start at the beginning of the month. How is that because I started on the first Monday of May, which beginning are you talking about because I work Monday to Friday. I was fuming, I wasn’t happy I was ready to leave. First, this job was at the opposite end of town. A good 6 hours commuting to work. So I’m working for peanuts. Gogo asked a crucial question before I started, do I trust this company and these people. Naive self I didn’t see it as a problem until that day. Fine month 2 I go for it, I’m doing more. I talk to my boss about my salary, and he disregards my qualification and the little experience I have. He tells me that everyone is on the same scale (I already knew this because the office is full of young people and we talk). Forget company policy about salaries we spoke about it, idiots. I was young, and I thought I knew everything. I was calm, end of month two haaibo these guys are taking me for a ride. Wrote the resignation letter I was out. Back to the jungle. Another internship.

Now I have spoken to God about this, I’m tired of internships; however, since I didn’t want to be at home, I took the UNPAID internship. Back to mommy for support, sad times. During that internship, I landed another one ( a paying one) with South Africa’s biggest news publication. Look #StillBlessed #GodsFavouriteChild. In December, something switched, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt misplaced in that company. I was supposed to do research, but I ended up in something outside my criteria. I didn’t see myself there for long. I said goodbye and went back to school.

Now job hunting has always been tricky. They say personalise your CV, let it talk to the job you’re applying for. I had a standard format and had the talking format. Oh, I played around with all forms to the point that I settled for one thing and tweaked it here and there. Job hunting became a drag, there were days of crying because it was hard. During those years, I never failed an interview. Still, I had the luxury of declining a position because I was already working somewhere else. If only I took that one (thinking out loud).

I changed careers because the field I’m passionate about wasn’t so kind to me. That field was brutal when it came to my bank account.

How was I going to buy my BMW?

Switched careers went for another interest and boom I’m here right now. Even in this new field, I’m still hunting like crazy. I’m so tired of sending my CV I dread the process of applying.

“Isn’t there a better way of getting a job either than applying?”

Switching from one place to another has been the biggest challenge. And whenever the end is near I panic. Now, this field has shown me flames, I’ve mentioned I’ve never failed an interview. My confidence is on steroids when I step into a place, it’s felt. This new industry I’ve lost so many times it’s starting to be hilarious. Well, I fail once before I get what I want (that’s a lot for me).

I’ve tweaked my CV so much that I don’t know anymore. I’ve used CV generating sites, professional writers you name it. I’ve personalised my CV for each job I’m now bored. I’ve got a standard CV that I tweak once in a while if I don’t get any responses.

This job-hunting business requires patience. You get frustrated, you curse the day you were born, you become angry with God or whomever. You ask why’s, it gets crazy, but at the end of the day you’re cool about it. You get to laugh, share a drink or two while looking at the novel you’ve sent over the years. Thank God for digital application, this paper business is harming our trees.

Never lose hope, for some, it takes a billion downfalls before they can reach their goal. That house on the mountains and my BMW 325i is still waiting for me. I’m almost there.


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