Let the beauty flourish

Let the beauty flow

I have always wondered how people get to write beautiful love poems, love stories. Where do they get their inspiration?  How do those words get to flow so easily on paper? How the keyboard listens to their fingers and letter falls into place, forming beautiful sentences, lovely paragraphs. A few years back I said; “the day I’ll be inspired by love I’ll tell the world of its beauty.” But such beauty doesn’t seem to be written. I have experienced love (friendship, family, self, all love) but the beauty of these words do not want to escape my thoughts. My fingers do not cooperate with how I’m feeling. What goes on paper is not what I’m thinking.
So how do they do it?

Take my heart and do not crush it. Take my love and do not play with it. Er…. Well, these are not the beautiful words I want.

You are the stars and the moon, your presence brightens my inner self.  The glow permeates through my skin, I cannot help it but smile at your every thought. Er… Jah still not the right words; the beauty I read about. The trueness without fault. Everything just flows and reminds you of that one person who cannot escape your mind.

How do they do it?

How do the words just flow, should I not think about it and allow my heart to write. Should I block the language and let the newness create itself. Should I just zone off from this world and allow it to flourish on my paper. Let its beauty speak for itself.

Our heartbeats are in sync, our thoughts are one. The perfect fit of our fingers when we hold hands. How our complexions complement each other, how our personalities are perfectly fitted. Er… Still not the words.
These words do not want to be written. These words just want to hide. I tried not to feel, I tried not to think and hoped that it will write itself. However, these words are too precious, these words are too naked, these words are simple, and these words are just.

Let the beauty flow, let love write itself. 

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  1. Why think when you you can do? Don't answer that. I want to write you a love letter, a love letter dedicated to you.

    You are an inspiration, the love and the written word. You are a phenomenon, the creator and the dreamer. I dream of the day I watch you try to make sense of the ability for words to find two souls and bind them like a rope, intertwine them, find them on each other's trails but in silence. Love pieces are not complements but the heart that you put in. Love pieces aren't hard to write when love, like the one forcing me to type on your comment box, exists. A love piece is only important here, cause you realised love actually exists, you read till the end. Sorry, this wasn't a love letter, for love isn't a practice, it just comes. Now, know I took a good minute to say I will help you write that letter the day we are in love.


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