Dear Passion

Dear Passion

I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for you. I don’t think I’d be able to wake in the morning and genuinely look forward to my day. I don’t know if I’d be able to breathe without you. Without you passion I’m incomplete. Over the past months, I must admit I did somehow let you go. My mind was clouded by the glamour of the end result. I had forgotten that the road ain’t steady. I know; I saw what others were getting and wondered why am I left in a ditch where passion seems to be disappointing me.
I’ve followed you all these years but I’ve never seemed to be content. What is it really that you want from me? You have shown me glimpses of you, I have been to most of your spheres yet I was never in. Only once, one of your spheres looked all good and I was certain about it, you came back and said not this time.
Passion, following you, has left me poor and hungry. Hungry for more, hungry for your greatness.

I know God wouldn’t have placed this burning desire in me if it wasn’t really.

Passion, have I fallen into the trap of wanting too much. Have I fallen into indecisiveness, not sure where I’m going? Are you trying to remove the fear of being my own leader? Maybe I lost hope too soon for I wanted to be bigger than you. Maybe the little bit you showed me wasn’t enough but was most certainly enough at that time. Maybe I gave up too soon, just maybe I was too impatient.
Passion, forgive me if I have deviated from you. Pull me back to our initial agreement, instill the hope once again and let the fire burn once more. Let me not despair when the road gets bumpy, and move from tar to gravel. Let me not be weary but persevere. Let what was once there be there and mature. The passion this road ain’t easy, but I know my God shall make it light. Passion forgive me for I have let you down. The enthusiasm and spark in my eyes are still there but the driver had deserted me. 

Passion I’m back, and ready to start all over. This time I shall follow you to the end.

Once a hopeful passionate individual
ME 🙂
T-Angelz Creations

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  1. Let the fire live, fetch wood, coal and paraffin. Fetch all that you need to keep the burning desire to let your dreams sparkle in your eyes. In your words, I feel your passion, in your passion I feel the power and hunger. And I wonder, how come a hungry person has so much power? I answer, it it the fire. It's so lit she wants to cook her way to her dreamland, the dreamland that has love, life and words saying “thank God am finally here”.

    In you I see passion, life, companionship, friendship, driven being, dreaming and living but limited, I can't wait for the day you finally rejoice the size of your heart and its ability to keep you going. Happiness deserves to camp in a soul like you, it will enjoy and build a mansion right next to your heart. *kisses*


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