Dear February

Dear February

I know you only have 28 days and when you feel adventurous in every 4 years you add one more day. That special child, leap year. How we all love leap year. Many believe that we should act outside the norm, for example, women can propose to men. Everything doesn’t become so traditional. We can be who we suppress all these years. Oh how I love thee, my February.

You’re a month of wonders, a month of greatness. The month where people start to breathe after 31 long days of the so-called doom. 31 days of nothing, refrigerators with just a bottle of water butter/ margarine and jam. Enough bread for lunch coz we know how empty most purses are. Oh February what a wonderful month you are. You bring smiles to our faces.

You truly are a close of a season, not only summer but the season of doom. You’re a true special month. A month of greatness, which brings wonders. You compel people to find love. You force them to show affection. You tell them to look beyond what the eyes can see and use their hearts. You force even the stern patriarch’s to be soft and express that love. Oh February the lover who we all look forward to seeing.
You are a true month. A month of greatness, a month of awesomeness. The month where only the best and awesome people are born. February, you gave birth to the best remarkable people in society. They’re calm, sweet, crazy simply the best.

How I love you February. The month of true AWESOMENESS.

Yours Sincerely

By T. Sibiya
T-Angelz Creations

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